The Madelia Area: Where Main Street Thrives & Families Grow

The Madelia area is where entrepreneurs come to build their businesses. Our cost of doing business is low, as is our cost of living, so it’s more affordable to start or grow a business here. Plus, people still come to Madelia’s Main Street to shop, meaning there’s a steady supply of customers who could walk past your doors. As a community, we are known for our staunch support of local businesses. You will feel right at home from day one.

If you’re a developer, the Madelia area could be your next big opportunity. We have great schools, are a healthcare hub, attract tourists and are a Telecommuter-Forward city - something that attracts remote workers. Families are moving to our city for these assets and our ideal location near larger cities like Mankato and Minneapolis/St. Paul. What we need are developers to meet this growing demand. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, owner of a mid-sized company, developer, or family - the Madelia area offers the best opportunity for success because we will partner with you every step of the way, offering a thoughtful level of service that you won’t find anywhere else.