Grow Your Small Business in Madelia, MN

Madelia is where entrepreneurs come to build their businesses and grow. Our cost of doing business is low, as is our cost of living, so it’s more affordable to build here. Plus, we already have a thriving and growing Main Street. People come to Main Street to shop, meaning there is a steady supply of customers who can walk past your doors.

Children planting flowers in a large pot on main streetAs a community, we are known for our staunch support of local businesses, so you will feel right at home from day one.

Benefits of Building a Business in Madelia

As a community, Madelia is very entrepreneurial, with a strong ecosystem of like-minded business owners who will support you. Plus, Madelia is resilient and independent, so people want to support locally-owned businesses. For example, one entrepreneur started mowing lawns in high school and now employs over 50 people in his million-dollar landscaping business. That’s a familiar story in Madelia, and it could be your story too!

Madelia has…

Business Opportunities in Madelia

Madelia is the supportive environment your business needs to grow. If you are interested in starting a business or bringing yours to Madelia, we can help. Numerous business opportunities are ripe for entrepreneurs to profit from. Click here to learn more about business opportunities in Madelia, and contact us for assistance.