Housing in Madelia and surrounding area is Affordable & Convenient

Living in Madelia is like living in a movie where everyone smiles at each other, you see your friends at the grocery store, meet up at the local brewery, and your kids play together at the park. If you move to Madelia, you’ll be welcomed and feel at home quickly. People are moving here because of our excellent school district, affordable housing, and vibrant Main Street.

Madelia is also becoming more of a bedroom community to Mankato since it’s only 30 minutes away.

Find your dream home in Madelia by working with one of our local realtors.

Trae a tu familia a Madelia. Hay oportunidades de liderazgo y negocios para usted aquí. A sus hijos les encantarán nuestras escuelas, parques y una comunidad segura y amigable.