Life is Easier in Madelia (and fun too!)

With assets like a thriving Main Street, a hospital, broadband, and recreational opportunities, Madelia has a lot to offer. What’s even more unique is what can’t be seen at first glance but is felt strongly by all who live there. Loyalty is the word one resident used to capture the spirit of Madelia. That sentiment was echoed by a community member when he said, “We come together in hard times” and “We have a sense of community and being there for each other.”

As one resident said, “We’re a tight-knit community that supports each other like a village.” Another wrote, “Teamwork, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a sense of family define Madelia.” If that sounds like the type of community you would want to live in - welcome home.

Trae a tu familia a Madelia. Hay oportunidades de liderazgo y negocios para usted aquí. A sus hijos les encantarán nuestras escuelas, parques y una comunidad segura y amigable.