Madelia Has Fast Broadband to Support Business Growth

telecommuterforward! community logoSmart Rural Community logo Madelia, MN, is a small town with fast internet speeds. As a business owner or remote worker, you don’t have to live in a large, expensive city to get good internet. In Madelia, you can have it all. As the first rural community in Minnesota to receive the Telecommuter Forward! certification, we have demonstrated to the state that our internet speeds are fast and reliable. Madelia has also been designated a ‘Smart Community,’ in recognition of our robust broadband infrastructure and technological capabilities.

Get Broadband for Your Madelia Business

Broadband is offered through Christensen Communications, located in downtown Madelia. This makes setting up your office or home internet easier than ever. You can walk right in, speak with a team member and get set up without waiting on hold or dealing with call center representatives located far away. 24/7 support is also available.

Broadband Delivers Ag Tech in Rural Communities
Broadband Delivers Telehealth in Rural Communities
Broadband Delivers Telework in Rural Communities