Madelia’s Loyal Workforce Is Ready for Your Business

Looking for talent? Need a loyal workforce that will help your business grow? Come to Madelia, MN. We are a close-knit community with a history of supporting entrepreneurs and starting successful businesses. Our workforce is loyal because Madelia is a way of life. Every business here is part of our story, and we want to help them succeed. That means workers look at businesses as a source of pride rather than just a paycheck.

Many high school graduates will stay and work for local companies, get training nearby, and even move back home upon graduating. We also pull workers from a 40-mile radius, giving us a laborshed of 150,000 people.

As for workforce training, South Central College has a large amount of workforce training programs, and the University of Minnesota Extension offers courses nearby.

Hire Workers in Madelia

MARC and the Chamber can help you to find talent in Madelia. Contact us for help today.