Starting a Business

How to Start a Business in Madelia, MN

Starting a business in Madelia is easy because the City makes everything simple, offering to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses quickly and easily. 

“This community works together. If you need something, you only have to ask. We want everyone to succeed,” said Christine Fischer, City Administrator. “Our focus on working together and supporting each other is what makes us a strong community.”

What Do I Need to Start a Business in Madelia, MN?

Madelia, MN, does not require a city-specific business license. There are a few instances where you need a license (like operating a food truck or if you want to sell liquor), and you can find that license list here. In addition, Watonwan County (where Madelia is located) doesn’t require a specific license unless you sell alcohol, are an auctioneer, or are a transient merchant. In other words, the only business license most people need to operate in Madelia is a business license from the state of Minnesota.

You will also need a Minnesota Tax ID number so you can pay taxes on your business income. 

At the federal level, the IRS can issue an EIN (business tax ID number), so you can file federal taxes.

If you plan on hiring employees, you will need an EIN number, MN Tax ID number, and MN Unemployment Insurance (UI) employer account number and need to verify their eligibility status. Once done and you’ve hired employees, you will need to report new hires to the state within 20 days using the Minnesota New Hire Reporting Employer Registration. For guidance on the process, read this checklist on how to prepare to hire employees in Minnesota

Get Help Starting a Business in Madelia

We understand that starting a business can seem overwhelming, and we’re here to help make it easier. Reach out for assistance with starting your business. We can help to walk you through the process and paperwork, help you to find a location in Madelia, find employees, and connect you with other businesses and resources.