Madelia Has Excellent Childcare Options

Moving to Madelia means you can access reliable childcare options if you have children. “Our childcare providers really care about the kids. It’s been a wonderful experience for our family,” said one Madelia resident. A working group is considering ways to continue expanding our childcare resources.

Childcare Providers in Madelia

Free PreK in Madelia for 3 & 4-year-olds

Teacher engaging with young studentsMadelia Public Schools has a School Readiness Preschool located in Madelia Elementary School. “Our philosophy is based on the premise that each child is an individual, unique in many ways with his/her strengths, weaknesses & developmental schedules.”

The Goals of the School Readiness Preschool are to:

  • Provide a positive environment with trust, love, and respect.
  • Help children develop a positive self-image by teaching them the skills needed to build happy and trusting relationships with their peers & adults.
  • Provide preschool experiences that assist parents in nurturing the physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development of their young children.
  • Include parents in their child's educational development by keeping the lines of communication open & providing opportunities for them to enhance learning at home.