Why the Madelia Area is the Right Location for Growing Companies

Reliable power, fast internet, affordable space, loyal workers, and a convenient Midwest location are all reasons to choose Madelia to start or grow a company. Plus, it’s easy to do business here because the City, Chamber, MARC, and local residents are all in to support growth.

Checkmark symbol  #1 Madelia Has Reliable Power

In Madelia, the lights are always on. Madelia Municipal Light & Power (MMLP) supplies backup power for the whole community with its generation plant. So, no matter what happens down the line, businesses in Madelia can continue operating.

Checkmark symbol  #2 Fast Internet

Madelia is certified by the state of Minnesota as a Telecommuter Forward! community with fast internet speeds. The combination of high-speed internet and reliable power is the ideal foundation for business growth.

checkmark symbol  #3 Affordable Space for Businesses

Madelia’s downtown has affordable office, retail, and restaurant space. This thriving downtown environment attracts people from throughout the area, creating opportunities to attract more customers. MARC can help businesses and site selectors find affordable space light industrial purposes as well.

checkmark symbol  #4 You Can Find Loyal Workers in Madelia

As a community, Madelia has always been independent. People work hard and like to work where they live. When you build a company in Madelia, you can count on having loyal workers who want to grow with you. We also pull workers from 40 miles, creating a laborshed of 150,000 people.

checkmark symbol  #5 Convenient Location

Madelia sits at the intersection of Highways 60, 3, and 15. Highway 60 is the only state highway in Minnesota that stretches from one border to another. It connects to Iowa Highway 60 and Wisconsin Highway 25. Madelia is 30-minutes from Mankato and 2 hours from Minneapolis/St. Paul or Sioux Falls, SD.


Overall, Madelia is a strong and supportive community with a cooperative business environment. We’re here and ready to help with your site selection and business location needs. Contact us for hands-on assistance today.