It’s Affordable to Live in the Madelia Area

Madelia area offers young professionals, families, and retirees the opportunity to live somewhere amazing without paying top dollar. Our cost of living is low here, but you still have everything you need - excellent schools, a full hospital, a grocery store, incredible restaurants, and entertainment. There’s no need to leave when everything you could want is here at home, but if you want to head to the larger cities, Mankato and New Ulm are just 30 minutes away, and Sioux Falls and Minneapolis/St. Paul are less than two hours away.

It Costs 73.2% of the National Average to Live in the Madelia area.

Putting dollars in a piggy bankWhat does that mean?

Well, it means that if you lived somewhere else in the United States, you would be paying an average of 26.8% more to live there. The savings are even more extreme if you compare Madelia to larger cities. For example, the cost of living in Minneapolis is 105% of the national average, so if you moved to Madelia from Minneapolis, you would be saving over 31%.

Madelia area’s cost of living is 73.2% of the national average - here’s why.

Save money by moving to Madelia area, where you can find your dream home  by working with one of our local realtors.