Introducing the Rebrand of MARC

11 Mar 2024

Based in Madelia, Minnesota, Madelia Area Redevelopment Corp (MARC) was created to serve as the economic development organization for northern Watonwan County. From 2008 to 2023, MARC has been successful in assisting with business retention, development, and expansion. However, while MARC basks in its successes, it recognizes the importance of total community commitment and is righting a wrong.

The first two letters of MARC stand for Madelia Area. Through all of its efforts, the MARC Board realized its work focused on Madelia rather than the area. Thus, 2024 is the year of elevation!

MARC apologizes for its error and has already made moves to be the Madelia AREA Redevelopment Corp it set out to be, focusing on all of Northern Watonwan County.

MARC’s Goals

Now that the rebrand is complete, MARC is returning to focusing on the original intended goals:

  • Promoting economic development in Northern Watonwan County
  • Highlighting the incredible entrepreneurship driven by the hearts and desires business owners exude daily
  • Becoming Minnesota’s number one Telecommuter-Forward area
  • Offering a better quality-of-life option outside of the “rat-race” hustle

With these proven success goals for the City of Madelia, MARC is ready to implement them throughout Northern Watonwan County to make the Madelia Area the place for new and current residents and businesses.

Consider the Madelia Area

With positivity beaming as he spoke, “We’re going places, and we’d like you to join us!” MARC President Glen Christensen is Madelia-proud and excited about what the future holds for Madelia Area businesses and economic growth. The Madelia Area offers:

  • Remote work with three Telecommuter-Forward cities, the best broadband around
  • Land for development
  • Availability on Southern Minnesota’s best Main Street
  • Low cost of living and doing business
  • A Regional Medical Center
  • Lots of activities for outdoor enthusiasts and related businesses

Expansion comes in many forms. As MARC moves into being a more inclusive partner to businesses within the region, it also plans to help outside of the region to bring businesses here. In the coming years, look for a more robust Northern Watonwan County thanks to the expanded and dedicated efforts of Madelia Area Redevelopment Corp.

You are invited to peruse our newly colored website and visit our same resilient, forward-thinking community.