A Lewisville Success Story: Altenburg Construction Inc.

18 Dec 2023

Founder and Owner Andrew Altenburg is a natural problem solver and solution maker. After closing his recycling business, he saw an opportunity in the hog confinement building boom of 1994, and jumped in with both feet. Working out of his garage, Altenburg opened Altenburg Construction Inc. Slat Replacement Professionals, and in 2010, moved the business to Lewisville, Minnesota.

With 30 years of experience completing over 4,500 hog and cattle barns, Altenburg Construction is America's leading slat replacement company. Altenburg Construction has serviced 14 states throughout the Midwest. Having such a successful run since starting the business, Altenburg Construction has expanded. In 2023, we opened operations in Zearing, Iowa. Altenburg was drawn to Zearing as the community has a similar feel to Lewisville, small in size, and is a close-knit community.

Why Lewisville? 

When it was time to expand from Altenburg’s garage, he wanted to move to a small community. He said, “I’ve known Lewisville as home most of my life. I really wanted to try to bring life back to the small community. I, personally, love the seasons, all the farming, hard work, and reward it gives so many people in town.” Living six miles outside of town on his family's century farm, Altenburg is happy knowing he has roots planted while continuing to help the community do well.  

Services Offered 

One of Altenburg Construction’s core values is integrity and one of the pillars is craftsmanship. As stated on the website, “When we walk away, from a company standpoint, we want to have the peace of mind that we fixed it and it’s not going to be a problem. We get told, ‘It’s nice to see you, but I hope to hell we never have to see you again,’ and that’s the way we want it to be.”

Altenburg Construction specializes in replacing slats and beams for hog and cattle barns, while also offering barn reconfiguration. With so many years of experience and expertise, the company created Slat Shield, a coating that adds wear life to the slat surface around feeders and waterers. Altenburg Construction is so confident of its shield that it comes with an 8-year warranty.

A Personal Message from Andrew Altenburg

“As we strive to be the best in the business, we do so by listening to what our customers want and need. Altenburg Construction will continue meeting the needs of hog and cattle farmers. Our community and customers can help by promoting our business via word of mouth and help get our name to farmers. As long as we have customers, we will continue helping the community not only survive but thrive.”

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Build in Lewisville 

Lewisville, Minnesota is small enough to know you. Still, big enough to serve you. Located where Highway 60 meets Interstate 30, shipping times for products needed and goods sent are drastically reduced saving money for businesses and customers alike. For more information about relocating your business to Lewisville, contact Madelia Area Economic Development (MARC) today.