Shop Local for the Holidays & After

18 Dec 2023

There is no better form of customer service than shopping at a local store where the employees greet you by name and ask about your family. This type of friendly service promotes and invites repeat customers. Such warm greetings and personal connections make for positive word-of-mouth advertisements as well. Locals enjoy sharing the same experience with visitors and guests. In Minnesota, you will have this type of shopping experience when you shop local, especially for the holidays in La Salle, Lewisville, and Madelia.

Holiday Shopping

Ideally, community members shop locally all year long to help stabilize the local economy. When you shop locally, you are securing the workforce by helping small businesses employ community members. Shopping locally includes purchases made at retailers and restaurants and from service providers.  

The holiday season is a fun time to visit loved ones and shop locally due to the unique items available. During the holiday season, getting a cup of coffee or grabbing a bite to eat at a family-owned restaurant turns festive with flavorful items that are offered/served only during this time of the year. Your favorite food and beverages are transformed when eggnog, gingerbread, peppermint, or pumpkin is added somehow in some way. Purchasing items at a mom-and-pop shop turns festive with one-of-a-kind items you may not find again, until next fall/winter, if at all. Also, in the spirit of giving and family gatherings, many businesses offer discounts and promotions, so this is a great time to save while shopping.

La Salle, Lewisville, and Madelia

Small communities have a shopping appeal that helps secure their identity and personalize the experience in ways signature to their locale. When you encounter such rare finds, it makes the experience and location that much more memorable, leaving a mark on your heart.

Broadway Street in the City of La Salle is La Salle’s spot. Being such a small community of less than 100, you’d be surprised with the gems you’ll find when you visit. Along with great food and customer service, the Village Inn Cafe is offering holiday pies, family meals to-go, and Free Pie Wednesdays! La Salle Meats & Convenience Store is offering limited meat and cheese trays for quick hors d’oeuvres and handcrafted one-of-a-kind gifts.

Find Lewisville gems on Lewis Street. Imagine that! Take a visit to Lewisville Bar and Lounge. This casual and friendly small-town bar offers a to-go liquor store as well. Grab a bite to eat and meet a new friend. You can also stop by the American Legion Post 0561 and donate to help disabled veterans during this season of giving.  

As for Madelia, a much larger city with a population over 2K, allows for more options. To see all Madelia has to offer during this holiday season, go to Visit Madelia and be wowed.

MARC Can Help 

Madelia Area Economic Development (MARC) promotes the growth of La Salle, Lewisville, and Madelia through strategic marketing and bringing stakeholders together. Each city has something special to offer new and existing businesses, developers, and families interested in growing in either location. Contact MARC today to start your tomorrow here.