La Salle Meats, a La Salle Staple

La Salle Meats, a La Salle Staple Main Photo

14 Dec 2023

For over 75 years, La Salle Meats has been a staple in La Salle, Minnesota with Manager Patrick Thiner lending his dedication for 30-plus years. La Salle Meats started as a creamery. Due to the need for a meat processing plant and being that La Salle is a farming community, it made good business sense to conveniently add La Salle Meats.

La Salle Meats is a small business selling top-quality meats and providing great customer service. More than just the local butcher shop with a large variety of homemade sausages, La Salle Meats is also a convenience store where you can find necessities from cereal to toilet paper, canned goods to cleaners, and one-of-a-kind items created by locals.

During the holiday season, La Salle Meats offers meat and cheese trays. For traditionalists wanting to celebrate an age-old tradition, usher in a prosperous new year with pickled herring. La Salle Meats also accepts custom meat orders for cows, hogs, buffalo, sheep, and goats.

The City of La Salle is a small community with a population of just under 100. Despite being such a small community, La Salle Meats has lasted over 75 years and serviced much of South Central Minnesota. Their longevity secret is quality over quantity. Keeping their business small and in a small community allows them to focus on offering the best cuts and pieces of fresh meat available. Their success is another reason why they expanded La Salle Meats into La Salle Meats & Convenience Store.

Relocate to La Salle

The City of La Salle is the Whistle-Stop on the Prairie: A telecommuter-forward city with expanding internet and broadband options, offering the ambiance of a small midwestern village. Located less than 15 driving minutes from St. James Municipal Airport, Highway 60, and Interstate 15, businesses save on shipping and receiving times and costs. With a great quality of life and low cost of living, families thrive in La Salle. Contact MARC for more information on why your business should be in La Salle.