Technology Companies & Data Centers Can Be Strong Community Partners

18 Sep 2023


Technology companies are expanding throughout the country, but as non-traditional industries, it can be difficult for economic developers to understand how to best leverage those relationships. Bethany Quinn, Vice President of Strategy & Content Development for Golden Shovel Agency, sat down with technology executives to discuss how they see their company’s role in the community, beyond job creation and capital investment.

“News events over the past few years have sometimes painted technology companies like Meta and Google as large corporations that are threatening our social fabric,” said Quinn. “I have found the opposite in speaking with technology leaders. People at all levels of technology companies are examining how they can positively contribute to the ecosystem of communities in which they work. They are looking at investments from a holistic perspective and actively seeking to improve the lives of local residents while supporting small business growth.” For example, Google has invested $40 million and 50,000 pro bono hours to racial justice initiatives and $100,000,000 in annual grants to help philanthropic organizations as a portion of their overall commitment to communities. Meta matched up to $7 million in 2022 on charitable donations made through Facebook Fundraising, as another example.

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