The 8 Things Franchise Investors Want to See in Your Business

28 Sep 2023


By the time 2023 ends, there will likely be more than 800,000 franchises across the US, meaning investors have a near-endless array of options for income stemming from one of the most reliable sectors on the planet. And they're definitely weighing those options. In a May 2023 study, my team uncovered a pattern showing that investors, regardless of age, location, or gender, are increasingly considering alternative investments, with 53% of those surveyed actively adding alternatives to their portfolios — and across the board, their interest in business alternatives, like franchising, outweighs crypto and NFTs.

So what are they looking for in a franchisee? It's a question I get all the time. Here's the answer: There are eight critical elements that set the best franchisees apart in investors' eyes.

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