How Site Selection Can Help Solve the Remote Work Puzzle

11 Sep 2023


Recent data suggest that employers fed up with seeing empty offices have decided to issue mandates. According to JLL and Yahoo Finance, more than a million American workers received a demand to return to the office in the first half of 2023. Another million employees are expected to receive similar mandates in the year’s second half.

These employers are, in essence, giving ultimatums: Either come back to the office to do your job or risk losing it. There’s a better way to solve this dilemma, and it’s one where everybody wins. It’s called site selection. Rather than force people to endure long commutes to work in office spaces they no longer like, why not move those same jobs closer to where people live? The more central business districts in large urban cores empty out, the more attractive it becomes to move the workplace closer to the workers.

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