Manufacturing in Madelia

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19 Oct 2023


October is Manufacturing Month! Stop by your local manufacturing business and say, “Thank you for your business!” These businesses are employing family members and neighbors while servicing the community.  Without their dedication and local presence, the community would have to outsource and family members and neighbors would have to commute to work.

Due to the high impact the manufacturing industry has on America’s economy and lifestyle, recognition of the industry expands throughout October. Manufacturing Day (the first Friday in October) remains a time for manufacturing companies to open their doors to students, parents, teachers, and the community to highlight the reality of modern manufacturing careers and encourage the future workforce to join the industry.

The manufacturing industry will always be in demand. As such, manufacturers will always seek to fill the high-skill, high-tech, and high-paying jobs. Modern manufacturing jobs are no longer the same dirty, dark, and dangerous environments they once were, though many still exist and we appreciate them the same if not more. During October, manufacturers address the challenges of finding qualified workers while helping their communities and future generations thrive.

Manufacturing in Minnesota

Manufacturing in Minnesota is big business. According to NAM, as of 2021, there were $21.6 billion in manufactured goods exported from Minnesota to Canada, China, Mexico, Japan, and Germany. While the numbers from 2022 are still being gathered, more facts include:

  • Manufacturers account for 13.63% of the total state output
  • Manufacturers employ 11.08% of the workforce, employing 320,000
  • Average annual compensation was $88,784.20
  • As of 2019, Minnesota has 6,387 manufacturing firms

Rounding out Minnesota’s top 5 manufacturing sectors grossing over $4M in 2021 were:

  1. Computer and electronic product manufacturing
  2. Food, beverage, and tobacco products
  3. Miscellaneous durable goods
  4. Machinery
  5. Fabricated metal products

Numbers don’t lie, and these numbers have been on a continuous rise dating back to 2010. Manufacturing is here to stay and expanding in major ways. Are you ready to join Minnesota’s manufacturing industry?

Come Manufacture in Madelia 

Logistics plays a big part in the manufacturing process, from shipping and receiving parts to goods. With major highways 15 and 60 intersecting at Madelia, interstate 90 being 30 miles south, and highways 169 and 60 being 20 miles from the central part of Madelia, businesses can reach consumers, customers, and other businesses in eight states and Canada in less than a 9-hour drive. As for air travel, there are four airports between 30 minutes - 2 hours away, so logistics works in a company’s favor when located in Madelia.

Other top benefits of basing a company in Madelia are:

  • It’s affordable to do business here
  • Workers are loyal
  • The infrastructure is in place to prevent interruptions to operations.

Businesses can also expand because we have room for growth and MARC will partner with you every step of the way, offering a thoughtful level of service you won’t find anywhere else.

While Madelia is considered a telecommuter-forward city, manufacturing companies are here and we have room and workforce for more. To get a glimpse into Madelia, watch this Quality of Life in Madelia video or contact MARC today to learn of your options for tomorrow.