Madelia’s American Family Insurance - 50 Years Later

Madelia’s American Family Insurance - 50 Years Later Main Photo

15 May 2023


American Family Insurance has been servicing communities, and serving customers for almost 100 years. In 1927, what started in Madison, WI as an automobile insurance company, expanded and rebranded to become American Family Insurance (AmFam) in 1963. Ten years later, Tom McCabe was recruited as an agent and opened a “scratch office” in Madelia. 

After finishing college, finding his passion for helping people, and learning the family business, in 2004, Brian accepted the business reins from his father, Tom. From father to son, American Family Insurance Brian McCabe Agency has been successfully protecting people and their possessions making 2023 their 50th anniversary year.

In 2015, Brian brought in fellow Madelia High graduate, Ben Odegard, as a sales specialist. Ben’s industry knowledge dates back to 2006, when he started as a traveling insurance adjuster. When Ben decided he wanted a more stationary position, he knew AmFam was the next best step. With his industry knowledge, great customer service, and ties to the community, Brian knew it was good business adding Ben to the team. Ben has since been promoted to Vice President and the two work well together. 

Though longevity is a comforting factor to many, Brian, Ben, and the team offer much more to customers ensuring they have the information needed to make the most informed decisions. While insurance conversations are not fun to have, they are the most important. The team has a commitment to honest business practices and informing customers of the best policies and coverages to suit their needs. Their direct approach to life’s possibilities eases confusion, paints a clear picture of what is necessary, and helps customize policies per customer. Their upfront information eradicates surprises later. 

50 year

Does an insurance company use their own products? You bet! In 2016, a fire destroyed 10 businesses, including AmFam. With the help of the community, local government, and their insurance policies, AmFam reopened a year later with very little business interruption during their transition time.

When asked, “Why Madelia?” Both Brian and Ben gave roughly the same answer: Madelia is special and it's great at supporting local businesses. It’s fiercely independent and thriving economically. Vibrant downtown. Its close community with great schools makes it a great place to raise a family. 

When asked, “What’s the most important insurance advice you can give the readers?” Brian replied, “As your life changes, so should your insurance policy. Policies purchased at age 25, are not the same at age 50, and so on. A person’s loved ones (having children, losing family) and possessions change over time, as should their insurance coverages and policies.” 

Over the decades, American Family Insurance has helped individuals, families, and businesses protect their loved ones, gifts, purchases, and investments. Today, American Family Insurance is still a Madelia staple and a force in the industry. 

For your insurance needs, contact Brian and his team at 507-642-3719, or plan a visit at their Madelia office at 21 W. Main Street. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., and Saturdays 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

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