A Legacy Business with a Solid Foundation

A Legacy Business with a Solid Foundation Main Photo

30 Nov 2022

Our Madelia Stories

When Nick Pietsch’s father passed away in 2001, he and his brother had an important decision to make: either continue Pietsch Construction, the company founded by their father in the late 1980s, or go their separate ways.

Nick remembered, “I was working part-time in the construction company and was also going to college for construction management at the time of his death. It was a big risk at the time, but I knew steel studs were a niche that not everyone knew about in this smaller community.”

He is now the President of Pietsch Construction, a leading business in the surrounding area. Nick said, “We are a commercial cold-formed (steel stud) insulation, drywall, and taping company. We work on hospitals, schools, restaurants, retail, and manufacturing facilities–basically anything with walls.”

Nick and his family weren’t always in the construction business. Before Pietsch Construction was created, the Pietsch’s were livestock farmers in Madelia. But then disaster struck. “Our world was turned upside down when our hog barn burned down,” Nick said. “My father then went to work in the construction field and soon after started a company for himself.”

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Continuing his father’s legacy is fulfilling work for Nick. He said, “This industry has been so rewarding with the many buildings we have constructed and all the new people we have met. I love seeing all the new technology that the industry produces. It seems every year there is something new and innovative that comes around. I still remember some obsolete tools we used when my father was around. The industry changes constantly and I feel we need to change with it.”

Nick knows that the success of the company depends upon the employees. “I feel we have great success because I’ve always been there for my employees as they have always been there for me. Good times and bad times. It’s the most rewarding feeling to hear from a non-employee how much an employee likes to work at Pietsch Construction. It tells me we’re doing it right,” Nick said. He must be doing something right because some of his employees have worked for Pietsch longer than Nick!

It’s not at all unusual for Nick to run into his employees around Madelia since many are local. “I grew up with a lot of the employees who work here,” Nick said. “We are a family-oriented company, and we love seeing all our employees succeed at work and outside work.” Nick enjoys seeing his employees out and about enjoying their time with their families at the local restaurants, shops, and sporting events.

As the President, Nick must always be looking to the future for Pietsch Construction. “Our future goals are to keep the company growing steadily and make new relationships. We would like to see the company double in size in the next five years. It seems building never slows down in our great community. I feel we also have the support of the local farmers to help keep our economy growing.”

And thanks to the incredible support the company receives from the people of Madelia, the future looks solid for Pietsch Construction. “The support of the local businesses and the locals is overwhelming,” Nick said.