Elite Electrical Innovations Plants Deep Roots in Madelia

Elite Electrical Innovations Plants Deep Roots in Madelia Main Photo

30 Nov 2022

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After spending his entire life in Madelia, it made perfect sense for Josh Henry to start his business, Elite Electrical Innovations, in his hometown. “I chose Madelia because I was raised here and also enjoy the community. I have enjoyed seeing how the community has grown since I was a kid to where we are now,” Josh said. “It’s a small community and a safe community where I don’t have to worry about my kids when they go for bike rides.”

Josh started Elite Electrical Innovations in August of 2015, relishing the challenge of being a small business owner. “I have always liked the thought of being my own boss and having to figure things out on my own and come up with solutions to issues,” he said.

Josh chose Madelia for his business because “There has always been an opportunity to thrive in Madelia,” he said. He also recognized that Madelia is a central location to many surrounding communities where Elite Electrical Innovations can provide its services. 

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It doesn’t matter what sort of electrical requests you might have, Elite Electrical Innovations can take care of all your needs. That’s because Elite Electrical Innovations is an electrical contractor that specializes in work in the agriculture, commercial, industrial, and residential industries in southern Minnesota. “We are a company that has the feel of a small-town business but brings big ideas,” said Josh.

And it’s not just Josh who is a Madelia local. All of the Elite Electrical Innovations employees are Josh’s family and friends he grew up with and still reside in Madelia. “Our roots are deep in Madelia,” Josh said. “We are the definition of a family work environment.”

When Josh was asked about the secret to his success, he said, “The biggest assistance we have had with my business is our employees. With our company being so close-knit, it has been easy to grow the business to where we are today.” Josh also understands the power of customer referrals when he and his employees deliver excellent service. “Being from a small town, we know a lot of people and they know us and we know the best advertising is word of mouth.”

When Josh was ready to expand, he received assistance from the City of Madelia. “The City of Madelia employees and city council was also a massive help with obtaining my EDA loan to allow me the chance to build a new building to run our business out of,” he said.

Besides moving to a new building, Josh has set a huge goal for Elite Electrical Innovations. “Our biggest goal for the future is to continue to grow interest in the trades,” he said. Elite Electrical Innovations recently started employing high school students through the Madelia High School-to-Work Program. “This gives young individuals a chance to get a feel for what it is like to work in a trade before they graduate and decide what they would like to pursue as a career,” he said. Madelia has generously given to Josh and now he’s giving back to the community. “We award a scholarship every year to an individual who is going to a trade school. Our company will only go as far as our employees will take it, so the more they grow the more our company grows,” he said.

With so much support and amazing opportunities like these, it’s no surprise that Josh Henry is proud to call Madelia home.