Superintendent is Proud of the Madelia School District & Community Support

Superintendent is Proud of the Madelia School District & Community Support Main Photo

13 Oct 2022

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Madelia Public Schools may be a small school district, but they are focused on raising “local and global citizens who are inspired to achieve lifetime success in a diverse and changing world.”

The closeknit community and the diversity of Madelia are just a few of the qualities that inspired Shelly Bauer to take the Superintendent position. “I felt I could use my skillsets and training in equity and diversity to benefit the Madelia School District,” she said.

The heart of most communities is the school district and Madelia is no different. Shelly describes the school district as the “hub” of her community. She believes the relationship between the school district and the greater community is amazing and very unique. The school district does everything it can to support the community’s needs. The community in turn fully supports the needs of the school district. For example, the City of Madelia, Chamber of Commerce, and MARC meet on a regular basis and coordinate with the school district to ensure that everyone is working together toward common goals. The ongoing support received by business and industry is important to ensuring the district’s curriculum support the longterm growth of the local workforce. In addition, partnerships with the City of Madelia have provided additional support through shared grants and programming.

Many people have described Madelia as a “small town with big city amenities'' and the school district is living up to that description! To continue advancing, their staff coordinates and shares helpful information with surrounding school districts. To better educate their students, they are making an effort to hire a more diverse workforce that better reflects their student population, and, like many of the country’s school districts, they are working tirelessly to help close the gap in learning that was caused by the closures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Currently, the school district is reviewing its mission and planning changes. Shelly and her staff are writing new vision and value statements to better articulate and identify the purpose and goals of the school district. The district is completing facilities and educational space and utilization studies. In addition, new programming in Career and Technical Education, science, courses for college credit, special summer academic and enrichment opportunities, and multi-language support are all currently being implemented and/or developed for the future.

Shelly and her staff know they can’t do it alone. That’s why they are so grateful to the citizens of Madelia who support the work of the school district. Shelly has assured Madelia that the district will continue to do all it can to support the needs of the students, their families, and the community.

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