Preferred Printing Company: A Madelia Success Story

Preferred Printing Company: A Madelia Success Story Main Photo

13 Oct 2022

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Dan and Deb McCabe opened Preferred Printing Company in Madelia in 1991. With only three people and a 5-year business plan, the McCabe’s turned their startup into one of Madelia’s great success stories.

It is often the dream of many people to own their own business and Dan and Deb were no exception. With the encouragement of a local banker, they trusted their instincts and moved into a vacant hardware store. The hardware store had recently ceased operations and that building was made available through a local city development group.

From those humble beginnings, Preferred Printing Company has grown into a full-service commercial printing company. A small storefront that started with only three people has expanded to 17 employees in two locations in Madelia. Preferred Printing Company has added more specialties to help their customers (individuals and large companies). These include concept and design work and laser image printing plates that produce high quality products on a multicolor printing presses. They even have an embroidery department that utilizes state of the art Tajima embroidery machines. Preferred Printing prides themselves on the fact they can help their customer every step of the way and give any group a unique look with custom apparel.

Dan and Deb could have opened their printing business anywhere, but they chose Madelia because of their hometown loyalty to this amazing community. They were loyal to Madelia and they knew Madelia would be loyal to them.

Madelia is a devoted community that has always prioritized supporting their local businesses. Dan and Deb’s fellow business owners know that if Main Street isn’t thriving, the town isn’t thriving, so they all work together to support one another.

This was incredibly evident after the fire that devastated the downtown Madelia business district on February 3, 2016. Seven buildings were destroyed and 10 businesses were reduced to ashes. The fire was extinguished a mere 27 feet from the Preferred Printing Company. But the Madelia community’s commitment to those business owners and their employees was unprecedented. In just one year, almost every business had been rebuilt thanks to a local non-profit organization that raised thousands of dollars in donations with a great deal of help from Dan and Deb. The McCabe’s and the other business leaders of Madelia recognized that if they didn’t help rebuild these damaged businesses, their closures could impact the viability of other local businesses as well. But that wasn’t their only motivation. They were motivated by the fact that Madelia is their town and they care about the people in it. 

The McCabe’s recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and raised their three children in Madelia. They built a life here and the businesses that were destroyed were where they bought flowers, got their hair cut, and lived life. These were friends who were suffering and the McCabe’s were determined to help. Their attitude was shared by everyone in the community and it’s fair to say that if the McCabes ever needed help, Madelia would be there for them too. 

That is just the kind of special community Madelia is and this level of support is why the McCabes have put deep roots here and will continue to stay.

Join the McCabes in Madelia

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