Lynne Turned a Lifelong Hobby Into a Thriving Business in Madelia

Lynne Turned a Lifelong Hobby Into a Thriving Business in Madelia Main Photo

13 Oct 2022

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After a long day of shopping in downtown Madelia, nothing sounds better than a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. Owner Lynne Speckman and her well-loved staff at Sweet! Indeed are more than happy to help you pick out your delicious reward.

Sweet! Indeed is a popular full-service bakery and coffee house offering a full line of bakery items including pastries, decorated cakes and cookies, desserts, cheesecakes, and more. In addition to baked goods, they also have a full espresso and smoothie menu and homemade soups and sandwiches.

Baking and decorating cakes has been Lynne’s passion since a young age. Growing up, she was privileged to have two very talented grandmas who passed on their knowledge and zeal for baking. When she was thinking of a career path, it only made sense to open her own shop and share her talents with the public.

What is the saying? “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Lynne is living that life. Not to say running her business isn’t hard work, but sometimes it doesn’t feel as hard when you love what you do.

Not only did she choose a job she loved, she also chose a location she loved. Madelia is Lynne’s hometown and she’s always been happy living here. She knew that having Sweet! Indeed located in Madelia would mean having the support and help of family and friends. 

Lynne wanted to create a place where the community could gather together in a warm and inviting space to celebrate their biggest and smallest milestones. She definitely accomplished that! From a muffin on a Monday to personalized cookies for a birthday party to a wedding cake, Sweet! Indeed is a part of her neighbor’s lives.

And it’s not just her customers Lynne is thinking of. She has worked hard to create a delightful atmosphere at work where her employees feel like family to her as well.

The closeness of local business owners is another reason Lynne chose Madelia for Sweet! Indeed. Madelia is truly a unique place where businesses encourage, promote, and support one another. For example, they collaborate with one another on advertising ideas and special promotions. Plus they work hard to raise one another up. 

Madelia is also a city that encourages entrepreneurship. When Lynne was planning to open her shop, she was able to receive a low interest loan through the City of Madelia and also through Alliance Bank. The city leaders recognize how important it is to have an assortment of businesses to meet the needs of all ages of people and to draw visitors from surrounding towns. They could easily see that Sweet! Indeed was a solid investment.

Although Sweet! Indeed has hundreds of satisfied customers, Lynne is always looking for ways to improve and update her shop. Eventually she would like to remodel the front of the house and she is anxiously awaiting the new display case that is finally on its way.

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