Madelia is the Best Place for Remote Workers

Madelia, MN and surrounding communities are ideal for remote workers because we were the second Telecommuter Forward! certified city in the state of Minnesota. We have also been recognized as a “Smart Rural Community.”

telecommuterforward! communitySmart Rural Community logo“Madelia has the best broadband around! You get the same high-speed internet as you do in a big city while being able to live in your hometown. Our downtown has grown, and there is more to do here than ever. Plus, the safety and convenience of our community make it an ideal place to remote work while raising a family,” said Glen Christensen, President of Christensen Communications.

“We are supremely technologically advanced for a town our size. This facilitates an unmatched telework capability,” said Christensen. As for reliable power - Madelia has that too. Madelia Municipal Light & Power has a generation plant that provides backup power for the entire community. The electricity could be down elsewhere, but you’ll still be able to live (and work) in Madelia.

Madelia Area Has Clear Advantages for Remote Workers

Mother with laptop and her childCheckmark symbol  #1 It’s affordable.

With a lower cost of living (affordable housing), you can use more of your paycheck to have fun instead of paying it towards rent or a high mortgage.

Checkmark symbol  #2 Everything you need is here.

The town is small but has everything you need, including a hospital. That makes it easy to go to appointments, grab groceries or visit your child’s school between work meetings. Plus, if you need a quiet place to work, the Madelia Library is available.

checkmark symbol  #3 There’s no traffic.

If you need to run around, you’ll be back home quickly since there’s no traffic in Madelia.

checkmark symbol  #4 Our parks and rec are fantastic.

Everyone needs a break from the computer, and when you do - there is a lot to keep you busy in Madelia. Ride your bike, go fishing, play golf, grab a bite to eat or head to the movies.

checkmark symbol  #5 Madelia’s schools are excellent and continually evolving.

If you have kids, making sure they are safe and comfortable is a top priority. Remote work in Madelia to give your children the benefit of a close-knit community where you’ll get to know the teachers and other parents - helping them to make lifelong friends with classmates.